Marina Bay Sands

Size: 9.4m sqft
Cost: US$5.4b
Opened: April 2010
Key project challenges: technical/engineering; marine clay; adjacent to a large water body (Marina Bay), a subway, and an elevated highway

The construction of this iconic and world-recognised destination presented multiple and significant engineering challenges. The form of the building itself required innovative engineering and coordination solutions; three 57-storey, curved, sloping towers are crowned by a 9,000-tonne cantilevered sky park 200 metres above ground. The complexities of the site, however, demanded the solutions that only a skilled and experienced team could offer.

A large volume of the building sits below the surface level of the site’s reclaimed land, anchoring into marine clay beside a large body of water. An adjacent highway and a subway tunnel added to the complexity. Substantial temporary retaining works allowed the structure to be built quickly, reaching a maximum cycle of one hotel floor every four days. The turnaround time for construction of this unique building was just three years and involved a significant workforce in excess of 11,000.

The iconic profile of Marina Bay Sands has now become known around the region and the world. It is one of Asia’s leading destinations, offering 2,600 hotel rooms, a casino, convention and exhibition spaces, two theatres, a striking lotus-shaped museum, an ice rink, pavilions over the water, and a considerable retail/F&B component. tpm’s core team delivered the project in its former guise as the in-house client representative and project/development management arm of Las Vegas Sands in Asia.